The Legless Man Who Never Gave Up On His Dreams Is An Inspiration For All


Kacey McCallister is an incredible human who brings his inspirational message of overcoming challenges, no matter what the circumstances, to the entire world.

And McCallister knows all about challenges. His life has never been one of calm indifference. From a very early age, he learned that life is to be lived, not just survived. When he was 6 years old, he lost one leg when he darted in front of an oncoming truck. His other leg was so badly damaged in the accident that it, too, had to be amputated.

While this tragedy might have left him sitting on the sidelines, McCallister instead learned to do things his way – and went on to become a three-sport athlete in cross country, wheelchair basketball, and wrestling, earning district titles in both cross country and wrestling as a student at McNary High School in Salem.

He is married and has five children with an education career from Western Oregon University and is a substitute teacher when he isn’t on a speaking tour.

Kacey McCallister has completed three Spartan Races (13 miles) in one calendar year.