The dog lived in a cage all his life, and the owners decided to relocate it, building her a chic room under the stairs


The owners made repairs and at the same time decided to remake the sleeping place of their dog. Six-year-old Coco from the very puppy lived in a cage, to which she was already accustomed, but they decided to build a kennel decently for her. For this, the owners redid the space under the stairs and arranged their favorite room for their darling, in which her portrait even hangs!

The owners remade their dog’s sleeping place and turned it into a whole room


British Natasha Hammond told how she and her husband remade the corner of his dog — six-year-old Coco.

According to the hostess, Coco always slept in a cage — from the first day of her appearance in the house. Inside, they put a toy that smelled like a dog’s mother, and she immediately got used to her place. At some point, the owners wanted to remove the cage, but the dog was against:

She whined and was very worried. That was her refuge.

Thanks to the repair, the place under the stairs was turned into a small house


The owners decided to redo the space under the stairs when they did the repairs — they thought that there they could make shelves and store things. And at the same time to make a house for Coco.

According to the hostess, the dog house was built very quickly.


The main work Natasha and her husband Michael did on Sunday, when they both did not need to work. And small details and decorations were made in two free evenings.

In the new «room» Coco even has her portrait!


In addition, there is a cot, a lamp, a bouquet of flowers and a whole box with toys.

In the afternoon, Coco can sleep in any room in the house, but most of all she likes her place — she always comes back here, Natasha told the Daily Mail.

The owners and the dog were delighted with the new house


The dog liked the new house, and she spends a lot of time in it. And for the hostess, such a shelter turned out to be better than a cage — the room looks much nicer!