The Dog By The Boy’s Right Side Knows Something


The friendship betweenn five-year-old Mark and Alfie, the dog, is special in many ways. Like any friends they do everything together, so parents used to think that Alfie’s habit of walking by Mark’s right side was nothing but a funny coincidence.

They did not guess that Alfie did it for a good reason.

So it was until parents visited a doctor. Mark turned out to have severe form of one-sided astigmatism. The condition was so severe, that the boy could hardly see with his right eye.

Mark’s eye could have become completely blind, if the issue wasn’t diagnosed in time.


When the parents learned that it was Alfie who found out Mark’s issue, they began to pay more attention to his behaviour. To everyone’s surprise they saw him lick the paw of Cass, their other dog.

Whenn they brought Cass to a vet, he turned out to have a tumor in a spot that Alfie licked. Now the family claims the giant dog to be their guardian angel.
Can you imagine a 180-lb guardian angel? This is Alfie.


Currently, the family does their best to control Mark’s condition. But whatever happens, Alfie will stay by his right side.