The cat can show who the person really is


Most people are positive about cats. But all the same, there are people who avoid contact with these animals, or even neglect them. It would seem that this is so ?! The man of cats does not like, so it is necessary. In fact, between the life of a person and his attitude towards cats, there is a certain connection.


Everyone knows that cats and dogs have long been living with people like pets. But if everything is clear with dogs: they were always needed for protection and hunting, then with cats everything is much more interesting.

It can be assumed that the main task of cats has always been catching mice, rats and other pests. But even any dog can do this job. But cats have amazing energy and empathy. That is, they subtly feel the mood and general condition of a person. Often, the owners of these furry creatures talk about how cats relieve them, for example, of headaches or of high blood pressure.

When a person has a part of the body that hurts, the cat feels this, and approaches a sore spot, after which relief comes. Cats are believed to help humans on an invisible bioenergy level. That is, they see what people do not see, and are able to influence it. Of course, these animals are not able to cure people from serious diseases, but they can quite quench the pain.


However, feeling a person and helping him is not all that cats are capable of. This furry animal is a true reflection of its owner. So, if a person’s life does not go well, and everything falls from his hands, then this must be reflected in the animal. The cat may stop caring for itself, it will lose its appetite, and activity will decrease. It seems to reflect the internal state of its owner.

In other words, if the animal has changed dramatically in behavior, then most likely something is wrong with the owner. However, this may concern not a single member of the family, but the entire family. So, these fluffy beauties feel any negative and respond to quarrels in the family. And yet, they always take the side of an unjustly injured family member. Usually they try to caress and comfort the children, who are often scolded and punished by their parents. Feeling the owner’s bad mood, the cat comes to his aid.

Young blond female with brown cat on white
Young blond female with brown cat on white

Basically, cats do not like alcoholics. However, this hostility is usually mutual. For some reason, cats and women who do not have a personal life do not like cats. And yet, unfortunately, these animals are often subjected to abuse by children who are beaten and abused by their parents. Thus, we can distinguish the relationship between human well-being and his attitude to cats. If a person does not like cats, then probably his life does not add up.But this animal is always ready to come to help and provide support. It turns out that a person who rejects a cat rejects outside help. Such people should seriously think about it because it is possible, changing the attitude towards these animals, it will turn out to change life itself.