The bride struggles to the altar. When the guests see her, their breath is taken away.


At 21, everything was going so well for Gina Springhower. She was studying at a good college, did sports, and ran a successful small business. This was until one small mistake turned her life upside down — in the truest sense of the word.


It was a balmy evening in 2008. Gina was at a party with friends and wanted to go home after a wild night. Though she knew better, she got into a car with a friend who’d been drinking alcohol. This error proved very costly.


On the way home, the young man lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road. When the car overturned, Gina was thrown out of the window and landed on the ground with incredible force. The impact broke the aspiring athlete’s spine.

Like the destroyed vehicle, Gina’s life had been reduced to a pile of ruins.


Though it was a miracle that she survived, she was paralyzed from the waist down and had to undergo several operations on her spine.


No matter what life threw at her, Gina kept her chin up and tried to bounce back strong — her goal remained to work as a coach.


For months, she fought through operations, therapy, and her studies. It seemed as though she was able to get her life back on track and have almost everything she’d had before the accident.


But there was one thing missing: love. Her father remembered how it broke his heart hearing his tearful daughter ask him: «Daddy? Do you think anyone will ever love me?»

Then John came along. His infectious laugh and big heart immediately lit up her life, and he was just as smitten by her. The young couple fell madly in love.



They soon knew that they were meant for each other, so it was no surprise when they announced their intention to tie the knot. But on their wedding day everyone was left in awe when they saw Gina on her way to the altar.



A murmur went through the crowd as Gina, looking fabulous in her wedding dress, took slow steps towards her future husband. She was actually able to walk on her own two feet with the help of specially designed braces! John could hardly hold back his tears, and was incredibly proud of his beautiful and strong Gina. This couple has overcome enormous difficulties. And what Gina’s father knew had now come true — not only did she have her life back, but it was now filled with love.



Watch the following video to relive this young couple’s moving story:

What a strong couple! Hopefully Gina’s story will be a warning to others not to drink and drive. As this horrific accident shows, you’re putting your life and the lives of others in danger. Good friends also don’t allow those they love get behind the wheel after drinking. Gina’s one error almost cost her everything. Thankfully, her story had a happy ending.