The 7 Most Dangerous Travel Destinations For Women And How To Stay Safe


Traveling can be an exciting experience as you see more and more of the world and learn of other cultures. However travel isn’t always as safe as we would like to think. While we like to think that the entire world is safe for everyone, there are certain customs that make it difficult to stay safe.

This is especially true of women who still don’t maintain the same level of rights across the globe. This is especially true when it comes to crimes committed against women. Not to imply that men aren’t equally as in danger, but women tend to be targeted a little bit more than men do.

Be sure that when you are planning your next big trip that you know what countries are safe and how to stay safe if a country isn’t the best at women’s safety.

Please note that while these countries may be dangerous, there should be nothing stopping you from traveling across the globe. But you may want to reconsider going alone and always take extra caution.

1. Egypt is most certainly the top entry on our list. Recently the U.S. Department of State issued a warning to all travelers.

A number of terrorist groups have committed multiple deadly attacks in Egypt.

While that warning is alarming, that doesn’t mean that Egypt isn’t worth checking out. There are so many incredible places to see and ancient history to look at. However if you do go, consider bringing along a trusted friend.

If you do happen to visit Egypt always stay on guard, respect the local dress norms and go on small group tours rather than go it alone.

2. The second entry on our list is Morocco, the exotic North African Country. Unfortunately, as with Egypt, there is a high risk of terrorist violence being directed towards U.S. citizens which makes this a risky travel destination.

According to Forbes, The State Department has also warned citizens traveling to Morocco of a high rate of crime.

If you do decide to go, it’s best to have street smarts, avoid stopping if you are ever catcalled and wear the same style of clothing as the native women.

3. It may be very surprising as it is such a popular tourist destination, but the third entry on our list is Jamaica. While the resorts are fairly safe, once tourists leave the resorts, they are at a much higher risk of being a victim of crime. The State Department has warned travelers that violent crime continues to be a serious problem throughout Jamaica.

More worryingly, however is that inside the resorts there have been reports of sexual assaults against American tourists. If you choose to travel with a girlfriend for added safety be aware that the culture can be quite homophobic at times so remain vigilant of that, as well.

4. According to data released by Trip.com, India is a popular travel destination for women traveling alone. However the country has seen a number of terrorist activities that have impacted U.S. travelers, according to the State Department.

If you decide to travel always keep your eyes open when in India. Even with a companion sexual assault can still be a big problem for any women traveling in India. Also be sure to start and end your day early to avoid going out at night.

5. Peru takes our fifth spot in the list of countries that women traveling alone should reconsider. According to Forbes armed robberies, express kidnappings, and even carjackings are rampant in Peru.

In order to stay safe when visiting, Trip.com has advised travelers to visit the countryside and smaller towns rather than go to Peru’s big cities. Additionally, you should call an Uber/Lyft or a cab as opposed to walking the streets, especially if you are carrying luggage.

6. Next up on our list is The Bahamas another popular tourist destination that many may be surprised to see. New Providence, including Nassau and Paradise Island have been rated by the Department of State as having a critical criminal threat level.

if you decide to go to The Bahamas be sure to always keep a close eye on your food and especially your drinks. If your drink ever leaves your sight, always get a new one. Make sure that you are always sticking to populated areas and staying near the resorts.

7. According to Forbes Mexico has become a popular travel destination recently. In 2016 alone over 35 million international travelers went below the border. That is over 9% higher than the previous year. These numbers are great, but Mexico still has a problem with its crime rate.

For women who do travel to Mexico it is advised that they dress modestly, always keep their drinks close and remain especially cautious at night. It never hurts to do additional research on the places in Mexico you wish to travel to learn how to best stay safe.

There you have it, the 7 most dangerous travel destinations for women. We hope that this list and our tips on how to stay safe have helped you.