Terrifying Footage From Overseas Flight Quickly Goes Viral. Makes International News (video)


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When a Russian passenger started pounding back alcoholic beverages, things quickly got out of hand. Suddenly, the travelers around him noticed that he was covered in blood, then he started raging. On the flight from Moscow to Antalya in Turkey, the terrified passengers and members of the flight crew were forced to restrain the drunken Russian passenger before he hurt more people beside himself. And in the video below, you’ll see the disoriented, drunk and disorderly Russian man shouting and punching the seat in front of him after others strapped him down like an out-of-control mental patient.

When this Russian passenger had too much to drink, he couldn’t hold his liquor. As the booze began to take control over him, he grew angry and aggressive. After an outburst which resulted in his own injury, the other passengers of the Red Wings flight from Russia to Turkey banded together and bound up the rabid man.

You can watch the viral clip included below. You’ll see the unnamed passenger raging and yelling. He punches the seat in front of him as blood trickles down his face and onto his shirt. His arms and jeans are also covered in his own blood.

As the man screams and assault the chair-back in front of him, the child in the row ahead of him scoots toward his mother terrified of the violent stranger.

The video cuts to a later points after the aggressive passenger has been restrained. He is placed on his back and has his hands tied behind together with a seatbelt.

Although the man has lost his mind, the woman in the window seat next to him remains calm and in place. She continues to look out at the passing clouds as the man bleeds all over himself and shouts obsenitites.

A Russian report said that the cabin crew members first tried to calm the drunk passenger down. But he was inconsolable like a colicky baby. And after he started lashing out and hurting himself, they were forced to restrain him for his own safety and the safety of their other paying customers.

When the plane reached its Turkish destination, police were ready to collect the bloodied man from the tarmac, RMF Maxxx reports.

As you can imagine, this shocking footage has terrified users on the internet. Many shared their opinion. Here were a selected comments posted to Mail Online:

“My partner and I flew back to Newcastle from Mallorca a few years ago and there was a group of lads sat directly behind us who crossed the boisterous line to the point where they were aggressive, intimidating, vile and absolutely disgusting. So I share the concern of these passengers here, they must have felt on complete edge throughout. He should be locked up and banned from flying again.”

“I love being entertained by this mans clear state of distress. There is no evidence that the man is drunk. He may have other issues. I hope he is in a much better place today.”

What do you think about this footage? How would you react if someone got this drunk on your next flight?