Teens See An Attractive Woman In A Car Next to Them. Then They Spot Something That Gives Them Chills!


Two friends Aaron, 19 and Jamal, 17 were driving around together when they spotted an attractive young woman in a car next to their vehicle. They decided to make eye contact with her, but then something really chilling happened. When the girl noticed them, she tried to mouth just two words and the teens swore that it was “help me!”

Aaron and Jamal immediately felt that something was wrong, so they started to follow that suspicious car and called the police. As it turned out, the boys were right. The woman in the car was kidnapped at gunpoint. Thanks to the teens’ quick-thinking the girl was saved!

What a terrifying story! I am so happy that the boys trusted their guts and called the police just in time to track down the car!

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