Teens break this dog’s legs and set him on fire, but the last picture says it all


It’s difficult to imagine the horror and pain this poor little dog went through when he encountered four teenagers on drugs. Chunky, a petite Chihuahua mix, was less than a year old when the miscreants stole him from his own home and tortured him.
Note: The following picture is a little disturbing, but keep reading until the last one.


In what was deemed “the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with – by an absolute mile,” Caroline Doe from the RSPCA explained what happened to the dog.
Two of the four youths admitted to feeding Chunky drugs, hitting and punching him, breaking his neck and legs, and setting him on fire before abandoning him at a refuse dump. They “thought he was dead,” one said.
All four teenagers, whose names were not released due to their ages, have received fines and are forbidden to own any animals for five years. To some, that hardly seems adequate punishment for what can only be considered cruelty beyond belief.
Parliament moved to make animal cruelty a greater crime, exacting harsher punishments for those who mistreat animals. They also decided to create a register of those who mistreat animals.
“The whole thing sends shivers down my spine. The defendants may have been young and confessed to being under the influence of drugs but the cruelty they inflicted on this poor dog was extreme, barbaric and inexcusable,” said Doe. She iterated that Chunky was left to wander on his own for days after his horrific treatment by the boys.
Fortunately, Chunky has recovered from his injuries and been returned to his loving owners. Here is what Chunky looks like now:


This last one says it all:


Watch the video below to see his amazing recovery.