Teenage Girl Buys New Shoes For Boy Who Really Needed One To Play Basketball


One of the recent photos of Tinyia Frank, a 19-year-old college student from Warren, Ohio, went viral. The reason is not just heartwarming but also praiseworthy. The teen girl helped a little boy she saw at a store and bought him a pair of expensive sports shoes the kid couldn’t afford.

So I'm at the mall and a little boy comes into CHAMPS asking about basketball shoes and if they have any under $75 the…

Posted by Tinyia Frank on Sonntag, 24. September 2017

As you can see from Tinyia’s post, the kid had only $75 dollars. However, you can hardly find a nice pair of sneakers at CHAMPS that will cost so little. It was obvious to Tinyia that the boy’s father couldn’t afford a pair of nice sneakers either. And while the dad and the son went to look for something cheaper, the girl made an unexpected decision.

Tinyia approached the kid and offered to buy him whichever pair of shoes he likes. So, the next 30 minutes the three of them spent trying to find the perfect pair of sneakers for Jordan — that was the boy’s name. In exchange for her kind action, Tinyia asked one simple thing: a picture of him wearing these sneakers from his next basketball games.

Posted by Tinyia Frank on Sonntag, 24. September 2017

The fact that the kid was a player of a local traveling basketball team was what made the 19-year-old girl decide to help the little guy. Later, Tinyia said in an interview with Yahoo! that there are not so many things young people can do in her native town. So she just couldn’t pass by this boy and his little dream. And even though she was working at a bar and didn’t have much money herself, she decided to help this fifth-grader make his dream come true.

I’d rather go without getting my 15th pair of shoes and give it to a little boy who clearly only had one.

In the end, the young basketball player chose a pair of stylish red LeBrons. Then, the boy’s father and the owner of the store took a few pictures of Tinyia, Jordan, and their common purchase. And when the girl shared this story on Facebook, people admired her kind action.

Stories like that help us keep on believing that human kindness and compassion will never fade away. What do you think about Tinyia’s decision? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us.