Teacher Thrown In Jail After Cops Investigate Coconut Water He Carried Around Everyday


Starting last year, 43-year-old Eric Howell walked the halls of Lenape High School. He was hired to teach Chemistry at the Mount Holly, New Jersey school and the students seemed to quickly take to him. Unfortunately, you can’t judge a book by its cover and Howell’s true motives for being a teacher have been discovered. And now all the students at Lenape High School have learned a terrifying lesson about adults. It all was revealed when a student saw Howell extend his arm in a strange angle as he walked past female students on May 2. When it became suspicious enough, an investigation was launched into his behavior, and the result is terrifying…
Howell had only one mission as a chemistry teacher. And authorities figured him out. He simply wanted to look up the teen girls’ skirts or their loose shorts. But the way he started doing it was very unsettling. Howell didn’t have to stoop or plant a camera in the girls’ bathroom to spy on the school’s young women.

He simply carried a box of coconut water with him. But he wasn’t using it to quench his thirst. Instead, he had installed a camera onto the box. It was at the same spot where the liquid comes out so it was inconspicuous.

Howell set the camera up in his briefcase so it would be exposed and get the perfect angle for his twisted pleasures. He would then lower his briefcase just so and snap photographs and record videos while destroying the female population’s innocence.
Because Howell had to awkwardly move the briefcase close enough to his female students, others were able to figure out his twisted plans.

Officials launched the search at his home this week. They discovered “multiple digital storage devices” that are probably loaded with images of the female students at his school. Although he was caught on May 2, students remember seeing the box of coconut water in his possession all year.

Authorities have come forward and reported that three student victims were found plus another victim at a local convenience store.

When the school district learned about Howell’s illicit plot, they fired him immediately. Then the school district released the following statement about how they treat men like Howell:
“We reported this matter to the local authorities as soon as we were made aware of it. We immediately contacted and communicated with specific parents throughout the investigation by the authorities, offered counseling to any students and staff member with a concern regarding this issue, and did not permit this individual on our school grounds or at any LRHSD events. We commend the Medford Township Police Department and the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office for their swift attention to this matter, helping to ensure the security, health and safety of our students, staff and entire school community.”

What kind of punishment should this teacher receive? Should this man see the light of day again?

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