Sweetest creation: 10 of the kindest dog breeds in the world!


Sweetest creation: 10 of the kindest dog breeds in the world!

 According to some reports, in the world there are at least 350 — 400 dog breeds, and every year several new species appear with their own characteristics and character traits. They may be more aggressive, or they may show amazing kindness, regardless of size.  


We have prepared for you information about 10 breeds of dogs that are considered the kindest in the world, and we hope that you will be interested to know about them!


No. 1 Bichon Frize


These fluffy dogs resemble a white cloud. Kind and unusually cute, they are great both for the owners and their guests. Voiced barking may not appeal to everyone, but kindness in the heart and incredible charm evoke sincere sympathy among most people.


No. 2 Dachshund


Small, nimble and infinitely loyal, the dachshund perfectly gets along with both children and adults. She can be a wonderful four-legged nanny, companion and true friend. Playful and very cheerful, the dachshund is distinguished by kindness and patience.


No. 3 Basset Hound


Despite the minor appearance, the doggie of this breed is quite active and loves to play. The ability to adapt to various conditions, kindness and calm make this dog a great option for home. Especially if pets already live there and have children.


No. 4 Pug


Pugs are small funny dogs with expressive eyes and a very kind heart. Even in a fit of emotion, the representative of this breed will not rush at his master and will not bite the child during the game. Good-natured, cheerful and cheerful — well, just a wonderful family member who gets along with everyone who ends up under the same roof with him!


No. 5 Sheltie


The representatives of this breed have a truly golden character! They are distinguished by obedience, calm, very loyal to their master and are ready to match his rhythm of life, whatever it may be.

Lying on the couch in front of the TV? You are welcome! Take a walk on the street? No problems! Run through the woods? Why not? With this small copy of the collie, there is definitely no difficulty, because she really has a good heart.


No. 6 Collie


This breed is strongly associated with the series «Lassie», which starred a charming shaggy dog that won the hearts of millions of viewers. The representative of this breed is distinguished not only by learning ability and high intelligence, but also by amazing kindness.

Collie gets along well with children, adapts well to various conditions of existence and never shows aggression.


No. 7 Newfoundland


These cute dogs of impressive size were originally used as working dogs in Canada, as well as to save people in the water. It is known that these dogs keep afloat well and even have membranes between the fingers. But this is not the most important thing, because Newfoundland is a real good man, and his calm is simply amazing.

It is worth noting that this dog is incredibly smart and able to independently make decisions in certain situations! If you need a furry friend, a loyal companion and a true good man — choose this big handsome man, and you will not be mistaken!


No. 8 Saint Bernard


Huge in size, these dogs have the same big heart. They are very friendly, alert and incredibly calm. Their phlegmatic nature is very difficult to infuriate, and their coping and kindness can only be amazed. Besides the fact that they are not aggressive, St. Bernards rarely bark, and indeed do not create inconvenience to the owner, treating him with warmth and love.


No. 9 Labrador Retriever


This unique creature cannot but appear on our list, because he has a truly kind heart! Together with his beloved owner, an obedient pet is ready to do everything in the world: run, walk, play, and he is also a great guide, a “healer” of souls and a dog who without hesitation will give his life for a person.

He happily accepts other dogs, gets along well with children and cats and has unlimited patience! It is no coincidence that there are so many dogs among Labradors — heroes who are brave and kind!


No. 10 Golden Retriever


Dogs of this breed are known not only for their amazing devotion, but also for their ability to assist people wherever possible.

Tireless dogs save a person in case of trouble, pull them out of fire and water at the moment of danger and are real «psychotherapists» when they need to support a patient who has lost faith in themselves. Among them there are also many dog-heroes, and their love for people and kindness know no bounds!


We hope you enjoy this list. Do not be upset if your favorite breed is not here , because, , you can raise kindness in any dog. Especially if the owner sincerely loves and cares for her!