Suri Cruise allegedly ‘desperately begging’ dad to visit her, after 4 years of absence


The youngster has made a desperate plea to her father to see him, even heartbreakingly asking him if the reason he’s stayed away from her was because she did something.

AmoMama shares the heart wrenching plea of Suri Cruise as she begs her 55-year-old father Tom Cruise to visit her after a shocking 4-year absence from his youngest child.

It is widely believed that Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri since his and Katie Holmes’ split.

The prolonged absence has now prompted the 11-year-old to beg her father to visit her.


Her sentiments were short but full of emotion. She asked if she’d done something to make him stay away, and then begged him to come and visit!

Suri has been in touch with her father via Skype sessions in the past 4 years, but hasn’t seen him in person during that time. Insiders believe that the reason for this is because when Holmes turned her back on Scientology, that meant that Suri did too by extension.

Fans are furious at the thought that the actor is allowing the church to keep him from his own daughter.

This is SO sad.

Posted by Hollywood Life on Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

Cruise is perhaps the most well-known Scientologist in the world, and a very devout member of the church. It is reported he will do anything they tell him to, and that includes not seeing Suri.

Holmes has been telling their daughter that Cruise can’t come see her because his film schedule is too busy, but she is beyond believing that anymore, as she knows that he still sees his older children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, Connor and Isabella.

The difference is that both Connor and Isabella are also devout members of the Scientology church.


But insiders believe that Cruise will be swayed by Suri’s desperate plea, and is on the verge of requesting an exception from the church in order to see his youngest daughter.

The same insiders have also warned Cruise that if he doesn’t make a plan to see her soon, she’s going to reach the age where he will lose her forever!