Struggling Single Mom Only Earns $8 A Day. What Ellen Does For Her Next Changed Her Life


When you have a hard time to raise your child, it is one of the most difficult situations in your life. It is heartbreaking when raising a child doesn’t go in the direction you want because of financial difficulty.

Sarah Hoidahl is a single mother who lives with her mother and her son and working in Ruby Tuesday as a server and bartender. She even used a car with her mother.

One day, two military soldiers came into the restaurant and sit for the lunch. Sarah was their server.
They were talking about the government shutdown and they were not getting paid. Since the political infighting in Washington led to thousands of public servants missing out on their pay, soldiers were going through a hard time affording their family.
While serving their food, Sarah overheard their conversation and thought about things that she could do for them. So, she decided to pay for their lunch.


She paid for their bill and wrote a note for them:

“Thanks to the gov. shutdown the people like you that protect this country are not getting paid. However, I still am. Lunch is on me! Thank you for serving ladies! Have a good day! Sarah.”

The soldiers shared this incident and the note online and it went viral and Ellen Degeneres invited her to the show. Ellen Praised what Sarah did.

Sarah was so excited to be at the show. She said, “Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s mindblowing. Now, I’m on Ellen!”
On the Ellen Show, Sarah uncovered some behind stories that nobody knew.

On the day she met the soldiers at the restaurant, she went home with 8 dollars. It was not even enough to cover her gas.
Ellen paid the money back. The bill was $27.75 and Ellen gave Sarah $27.75.

Ellen thought the opportunity to be on the Ellen Show and $27.75 were not enough to praise her good deed, so she prepared for more! As she heard the television at her home is broken, she gave Sarah the television also $10,000! But it was not done.

Ellen even made a $10,000 dollars check and she couldn’t stop crying as she got all the presents.


Some people says social media services are not good for the society. But in this case, Sarah’s good deed spread throughout the Facebook and made people’s heart warm. In addition to that, Sarah herself got the amazing presents even though it was not the purpose of the good deed.

In the interview she did later with New Hampshire Magazine, she revealed her secret why she helped the soldiers. She said, “I know what it means to struggle. When I was three months pregnant, my mom lost her job. We had to short sale our house.”

She commented about the whole experience: “There was a period when I was wondering when things would start looking up again. I had been in kind of a down time. Ellen definitely reinforced my belief in karma. In the beginning, it was very overwhelming. I was getting hundreds of messages on Facebook. Things have kind of calmed down, but I still have tables that recognize me — “Are you the movie star? Are you the girl from Ellen?”
The video below shows how everything happened in the Ellen Show! Please watch the video below.

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