Straight Men Are Having Sex With Their Male Friends For An Eye-Opening Reason


Many people fantasize about having a threesome, and plenty do engage in them regularly. However, most of us probably assume that straight men dream of having sex with two women at the same time, but it turns out more and more are opting for a threesome with one woman and another man!


A British sociologist, Dr. Ryan Scoats, who researched threesomes for his PhD, has revealed some interesting new trends among the sexual experiences of young people. His findings indicate than men are becoming increasingly comfortable with straight male to male sexual interactions, at least in threesomes, anyway.

For his study, Scoats interviewed 30 male students at Birmingham City University. Out of those 30, ten said they had experienced a threesome, and five of those revealed that their threesome involved two men and one woman – otherwise known as a “Devil’s threesome”.

However, Scoats found that there was very little sexual interaction between the two male members in these types of threesomes, and prefers to label these encounters as “semi-sexual”.


One participant in the study said, “You get to ‘high five’ your mate over her back and that’s about it really.”

Conversely, Scoats conducted a separate study among women at the university and found they were more comfortable in these types of threesomes when the men did engage with each other sexually. Dr Scoats addressed this in an interview with MailOnline.
“Women are generally more reluctant to engage in MMF threesomes than men, maybe because they find it intimidating or objectifying. But when it’s suggested the males will be interacting sexually, for some women, this can be anxiety-reducing because they appear less like an object.”


Scouts contributes the rise in male-male-female threesomes to the rise of the ‘bromance’, and to a less homophobic society. Modern men are more comfortable with their male friends and some are able to have threesomes with other men without those experiences challenging their sexuality.


It turns out that some men are using these threesomes to strengthen the bonds they have with their closest male friends. Recent research suggests that many men find bromances more emotionally rewarding than traditional romantic relationships with women.

Researchers at Winchester University discovered that according to a survey of 30 men, 28 would rather confide in and discuss important emotional issues with their closest male friends than their girlfriends.


It seems we’ve come a long way from the days when male friendships tended to be void of physical and emotional intimacy. They are now resembling the model of friendship that women often have with their female friends.

Studies have shown that more men openly profess their platonic love for one another, signalling that the stigma of appearing gay is no longer a concern.

Scouts says the stigma of a threesome is still very much present, even if tolerance is on the rise. The idea that a threesome will ruin a good relationship, or that one partner will inevitably feel some jealousy is still present in society. However, there was no evidence in the study to support this.

‘Threesome sex is just like any other sex, people do it for different reasons and it has different outcomes,” said Scouts. “Society stigmatizes this behavior.”


So how would you feel about having a threesome to strengthen a platonic bond? Have any of you guys out there ever wondered what it would be like to engage in a ménage à trois with your best bro? Come on, let’s see those hands up! It just might be good for your friendship.

One of the female participants in Scouts’ study admitted that her only association with these types of threesomes was in pornography and that “it always just seems absolutely brutal”.

“If there is no homo, there is no trio,” said another. “I find it really annoying if they are reluctant to touch each other.”

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