Story: Cat’s Been Taking Care Of Baby Boy Since Before He Was Born


Nowadays, people start planning for their baby even before he is born. Everyone wants a baby but no one wants the trouble of taking care of him. So the best solution is keeping a nanny, who will look after all the little things.

However, Liel Ainmar Assayag did not think of keeping a nanny for she had Panda, a three-year-old cat. Panda not only took care of Liel when she got pregnant but became an amazing baby sitter when Sean, the little baby boy, was born.

Further, she was also extremely attached to the baby.

The way in which Panda took care of the baby was adorable. Assayag said,

Assayag said that the cat became even more caring after Sean’s arrival. She showered Sean with all her love and attention.

We all have heard that cats are selfish and bossy, but exceptions are always there! Our little kitty is just another one.

Little panda will do anything to protect the little baby!


On high alert all the time! Beware!


Little kitty used to tuck her head on the belly


Kitty jumping over bed near Sean!


Her love for little Sean!


Wish them a beautiful happy life!