Sophisticated Interiors Of A Cute Mobile House


You might already be loving this bright RV’s shiny exterior but it’s the interior that will truly take your breath away.
The small mobile house has all the basic and modern-day amenities anyone would need in a home. There is air conditioning, a very modern kitchen and a gorgeous bathroom. It is very well designed with cool retro pieces and decor.

Aubrey Avila is the owner of this 272sqft beauty but she is putting it up for sale. The buyer will get to enjoy the mid-century furniture and brand new appliances.

The living room: The designers made sure this space has an ample supply of light. This is important in a tiny area as it makes everything look more spacious.


The kitchen: The bright blue kitchen blends perfectly with the rest of the house. And you don’t have to worry about feeling cramped as it offers plenty of room for moving around.

The appliances: The new cabinets and other appliances like stove, fridge and a microwave really make this mobile home quite convenient.


The office: Not only do you get to live comfortably here, you can also get some work done. Check out the compact office complete with a blackboard to document important stuff.


The bedroom: This space is equipped with a comfy queen-size mattress.


The bathroom: This is covered completely with white tiles. Very classy and modern.

The biggest appeal has got to be how the small home has been strategically designed to look more spacious than you might have expected.