Soldiers Perform A Rendition Of ‘Call Me Maybe’ And It Is The Coolest Thing Ever


A group of soldiers did something so amazing and wonderful that people just can’t stop talking about it.

Even though these soldiers who were deployed to Afghanistan and very likely fighting to survive, they still remembered to have some fun with their friends and relax.

In this awesome parody video which they admitted was inspired by the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, the soldiers performed a pretty cool version of Carly Rae Jepson’s ’ Call Me Maybe.’

The song, which was released sometime in 2012, was an instant hit and hundreds of parodies inspired by it can be found online.

This was such a great song with infectious rhythm and beats. So it was no surprise when many people began coming up with their own versions and recording it to share.

The one done by these hunky, brave soldiers has got to be the best one yet. Who knew these strong, buff men were capable of something so sweet and fun?

Watch the incredible video below and don’t forget to Rasplove.