Soldier Wore Tight Dress And Pink Stockings To His Best Friend‘s Funeral, But No One Laughed At Him…


Nowadays, real friends are not easy to find. But this heart-breaking story tells about two real friends who were ready for the most reckless deeds for each other.

When Private Elliot was killed in Afghanistan, his best friend Barry Delaney squeezed himself into a bright yellow tight dress, put on a pair of pink stockings and came to say his goodbye. They made a bet, and he fulfilled the deal.

Three years before Kevin Elliot died, the friends had agreed that if Elliot was killed in battle, Delaney would come to his funeral in a dress. And the more provocative it is, the better. Delaney, who was 25 at that time, remembers how scared his friend was before going off to the war. 24-year-old Eliot was sure he wouldn‘t return from Afghanistan.


But a bit of humor helped the soldier cheer up. Elliot came up with an idea his best friend should wear the brightest dress to his funeral. Delaney agreed.

The grieving friend tried to hold his feelings at the funeral. At the end, he kneeled beside Elliot‘s grave and asked if he liked the color of the dress. When the man realized his friend would never respond, he burst into tears.


This touching story is a wonderful reminder that real friends are more valuable than all treasures of the world.