Single dad who grew up in foster care adopts 3 boys and gives them a stable family


A man said he never planned to adopt three sons as a single father, but he’s glad he did.

Barry Farmer of Richmond, Va., grew up in the foster system and was raised by his grandmother, so he knows first-hand what it’s like, WTVR reports.

Farmer works for the Richmond Schools. He became a father eight years ago at age 21, when he adopted his first son, Jaxon.

“My oldest has been calling me ‘Dad’ since the day I got him,” said Farmer. “And I really didn’t know how to respond to it, I was so young at the time. And I just said, OK, I guess we’re gonna do this. I guess this is the role that I must play now.”

Over the next four years, Farmer met and adopted Xavier and Jeremiah, who were looking for permanent homes. Farmer said sometimes his multiracial family attracts stares in public.

“Skin does not separate us, it does not define our family,” Farmer said. “It’s just a part of our family. So when it comes to things of, you know, push back, or ignorance, we’re really not paying attention to that, because they don’t know us.”

Farmer told Inside Edition that being a single dad is hard work, but he wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else.

“There are no days off, but I was up for the challenge to begin with,” Farmer said. “I am really not regretful of any moment with them. There’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of emotion. Foster care itself is very emotional, and being young at the time, taking on those responsibilities, I didn’t think twice about it.”