Simple Yet Effective Ways To Boost Self Esteem In Children


There are a lot of actions you take as a parent when your child is young that will affect the kind of adult he grows up to be. Most of these actions are taken consciously and they will determine how your kid thinks of himself. If you want to raise a child that will become a competent and confident adult someday, keep these key tips in mind.

Let them have a say
Sure, you do not have to leave all your decision to your child but you should definitely make her feel like her voice is being heard. It could be as simple as letting her choose what she wants for breakfast or what shirt she will like to wear to school.


Give him a chance to try things out
Don’t let your obsession with doing things quickly and perfectly keep you from giving your child a chance to learn new skills. It may be quicker to tie her shoelace for her or spoonfeed her her meals. But you want her to feel confident in her abilities and the only way for this to happen is to allow her to try things out for herself.

Be careful with how you react to mistakes
Avoid letting a broken glass cause you to fly off the handle. The way you handle his mistakes will go a long way in shaping who he becomes. Your goal is to assure him you do not expect perfection and everyone makes mistakes.


Don’t compare
You should never give your child a reason to think that you will be happier if she was someone else. That’s the message comparison passes across. If you have to correct a behaviour, do so without bringing up someone else that ‘does it better.’ Focus on the issue and celebrates your child’s positive attributes.

Spend time
One of the most valuable things you can offer your child is your time. Make time to get to know him as a person. Experts suggest that taking time out to bond with your kid at least once a week will go a long way to making him happy and improve his self-worth.

At the end of the day, showing your child that she matters to you is really the best way to make her feel secure. And a secure child will grow up believing in her own abilities, making her feel confident.