Simon Thinks Tiny Singer Can’t Handle Alicia Keys’ Hit, Then Guest Judge Slams His Golden Buzzer


There are very few television moments that will make you sit there and go “Wow!” Angelica Hale’s voice on America’s Got Talent is definitely one of those moments.

In the video below, posted on July 18, 2017, the sweet little girl walks to the middle of the stage and greets everyone before her “Judge Cuts” audition.

The adorable singer was there to prove that she was a fighter, ready to take on the competition. In fact, this tiny singer has always known how to fight.

According to Angelica’s website, a bacterial infection in her lungs spread and ravaged her kidneys. Luckily, her own mother was a perfect match and after a life-changing transplant, this 9-year-old knows to never take anything for granted and to shoot for her dreams.

In the episode, Simon admits that he first doubted her ability to handle her song choice, “Girl On Fire,” by Alicia Keys. Once she starts singing, everything changes.

Not only does she prove any initial judgment wrong, but she leaves a lasting impression on everyone in the room. The way she handles all of her powerful notes makes everyone want to see more of her.

Her voice is so powerful, guest judge Chris Hardwick can’t help but slam the golden buzzer!

Check out the video below to hear Angelica’s unbelievable singing voice with your own ears, and please Rasplove if you think this little girl really deserved the golden buzzer!