Should People Feel Guilty About Sending Their Parents To A Nursing Home?


Sometimes we struggle with the misperceptions of certain things, and one of them is nursing homes for elderly! Lots of people feel guilt when they send their old parents to the caring centers, while they find it hard to devote much time to them because of the busy schedule. But is it a good thing? Maybe it is time not to be judgmental and look at the both sides of the coin.

Nursing homes have so many advantages, and in certain cases they are better choice for elderly people. And here is why!

1. Considering some health issues, old people will receive better care in a special establishment. They will be looked after by professionals 24/7.

2. Having parents at home will demand hiring medical expert to assist anyway, or a caregiver who will stay with your relative while you are at work. So if to calculate all the expenses, nursing home may be an affordable perspective.

3. Caring for elderly may take all your time; probably it would be hard to maintain home, work, kids, social life. This way, time with parents may be neglected.
4. Nursing homes gives people a chance to make new friends and spend time in a society, which has a positive impact on the psychological state. Being the part of a community is a heart-warming feeling, you have someone to talk and to have fun with!

5. The service provided includes not only assistance in everyday routine errands, but also housekeeping! They will take care of laundry, cleaning, and food making.

6. Special needs of elderly have to be treated in a special way, and you may not have that qualification, so it is better to trust it to the experienced team.

People who send their parents to care-giving establishments often get criticized. And such decision can be quite emotional for both sides, but before considering it, note that:

7. Old people who do not see their close family and do not get the chance to communicate with them often get depressed and lonely and it affects their mental condition in a bad way.

8. The professionalism of the staff must be really high and the attitude should be heart-warming and friendly.

9. There have been cases of abuse in care-giving centers, spotted by hidden cameras, and that is absolutely impossible to watch! But some centers reassure they have an opposite aim – to restrict elderly from possible mistreatment and abuse at home!


10. It is essential to be totally sure, your elderly relatives feel comfortable and safe where they are, they are welcomed and secure, and all their physical and emotional needs are satisfied.

Maybe it is hard to ignore opinion of society. But every case is different, and what works for one family may never work for another. Will the real essence of things change if we just replace the words, and instead of “abandoning your parents to the strangers”, use “giving parents into caring hands”?