Shocking Footage Reveals ‘Grotesque’ Mutant Pigs With Enormous Muscles At Cambodian Farm


Farming has had to diversify over recent years in order to make a profit – from genetically modified crops to animal crossbreeds that can survive in extreme weather. This, combined with the alarming rate at which science is developing, means that anything is possible. However, when experts viewed this footage from a Cambodian farm they were horrified by what they saw.

The clips reveal cages overflowing with pigs in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, it is the animals sporting bulbous muscles so extreme that their taut skin looks set to tear apart that caused concern for animal activists.


The horrifying footage shows the creatures waddling around the sty, too engorged to be able to walk properly as a farmer walks behind them capturing it all on camera.

The sickening footage was uploaded to Facebook by a man who advertised the pigs’ sperm, complete with an artificial insemination kit. Clearly proud of the size of his beasts, the man boasts of their abnormal size.

Cruelly modified pigs are, tragically, not a new scandal. Earlier this year, scientists in South Korea were outed for breeding gigantic genetically modified pigs, which the media dubbed “Frankenswine”.

Whilst explaining their disturbing venture, South Korean scientist, Jin-Soo Kim stated that the project was helping them to create pigs perfect for slaughter. “We could do this through breeding. But then it would take decades,” he nonchalantly added.

Kim advised that the plan is to sell the sperm of the genetically modified pigs abroad for breeding, a lucrative venture in Asia where pork is heavily featured on menus and “prized”.


It is not known if the pigs seen in Cambodia are of the same breed as those created in the laboratory in South Korea. It is highly likely that they are not, as of the 32 pigs bred for the study in South Korea, only 13 survived to eight months old and only one was considered ‘healthy’.

Upon viewing the footage animal rights group, PETA called the animals “mutants” and the “real-life Okja,” referring to Netflix’s critically acclaimed original film which features a genetically modified pig, bred for slaughter. In a statement the animal activists wrote:

“Hulk-like pigs are the stuff of nightmares, not meals, and those who are genetically engineered are also likely to be born with painful health issues.

Mutant pigs bred to grow to an enormous size just to be slaughtered and eaten? … This is the very real horror that seems to be unfolding on a Cambodian farm, where genetically altered pigs are being bred to develop heaping knots of muscle mass.”


The farmer is offering sperm from the pigs and artificial insemination kits for £5 each. Although, if these pigs are of the same breed as those created by scientists, then they are not approved for human consumption.

Facebook users were united in their disgrace upon viewing the footage, with one user commenting: “Not only is it animal cruelty, but people are eating this garbage and feeding it to their children. What a mess.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “What are you trying to show here? How much meat you can produce, or how badly these animals are treated? Whoever is looking after these should be locked up forever.”

Investigations are currently underway by animal protection officers to discover the cause of the pigs grotesque size. In the meantime, think carefully before you tuck into your pulled pork sandwich!