She noticed something strange in her mother’s eyes. And just as the mother reaches for her child’s arm THIS happens…


The cashier of a store in Colorado became a hero when she saved a dicey situation. Rebecca Montano made an important decision only seconds before disaster struck, seconds before a mother was going to have a seizure.

Rebecca told the news channel that she had just been talking to the baby to get its attention when she noticed that the look in the mother’s eyes had turned to stone. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but she was immediately nervous causing her to ask the mother if everything was alright. When she didn’t get an answer, she decided to grab ahold of the baby’s arm in case something were to happen.

Then it all started. Rebecca immediately asked another customer for help and called an ambulance. And even though Rebecca was able to reach the baby in time, she wishes she could have been able to help the mother as well. But like she said, in that moment she thought like a mother and her first instinct was to reach for the baby.

An amazing reaction. Now Rebecca hopes that the mother will return to the store one day, so she can ask her how she has been doing since the accident.