She Eats Alone And Asks For The Check. As She Checks The Bill, She Is Immediately Disgusted


Sarah Saba decided to give her elderly mother a rare treat by taking her to a restaurant in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Her mother has suffered from many life threatening health problems that have changed her lifestyle. Sarah’s mom had undergone a whole lot of surgeries because of her condition which has made it difficult for her to swallow, and this sometimes causes her to choke on her food.

This very day she went to the restaurant with her child, the old woman did choke on her meal. Her choking on this particular did not result in any fatal consequences but it caused a scene at the Brooklyn Park restaurant. What happened on that day was an embarrassing event for her and her daughter, it was a sad and humiliating occurrence for the woman that just came out to enjoy a decent meal out with her daughter. The whole account of everything that happened is given below.

The embarrassing choking at the restaurant was just a fraction of the sad event that transpired that day.
This unfortunate incident could have been ignored as easily by everyone at the restaurant, especially out of respect for her age and she could have been made comfortable and welcomed, but the manager would have none of it, he wrote a nasty and disrespectful note to the ailing woman.

The longtime serving manager of the Denny restaurant, Bob Quigley wrote, “Add $15 for a Life Warning button” on their receipt after she had choked on her meal at the chain store, as gathered by the reporters from witnesses.

The unbelievable and insensitive message passed by the manager shocked Sarah and her mother as they read it. Sarah had to share the picture of the receipt with the note on it on her Facebook page for people to see, and express her annoyance to their poor customer relation and treatment at this establishment.


Saba gave an account of what happened on the day on her Facebook page with a picture of the thoughtless note from the manager. She wrote, “As every one of you knows that my mom has had a few surgeries carried out on her throat. She has had some trouble as a result, with eating and keeping her meal down. Whenever she eats, she chokes and eating any meal is generally a process for her. Just to bring a sense of normalcy back in her day, we went to the Denny’s in Brooklyn Park, to get a meal this Monday afternoon.” She added, “This is what was written on her receipt, yes the Manager wrote it on her bill!”

When Quigley was contacted by many news houses for a comment over the outrageous note he wrote and made public by Saba, he declined to comment.
They demanded that something is done to rebuke the manager and teach others a lesson about customer service. The owner of the restaurant in Minnesota promised that Quigley would be chastised and he would receive a “write up” in his file.

The owner affirmed that he could not have fired the manager of his restaurant for the repugnant action, mainly because of the term of his employment with his establishment. The owner made an effort to appease the women by offering to reimburse their initial payment for the meal and also offered them a free meal on the house later in the future.

The daughter, Saba informed news men that followed up on the story that Quigley eventually called to apologize for his insensitive message on her mother’s receipt.


Other family members interviewed added that Saba’s sister, Caroline Speikers also had a discussion with the owner of the Brooklyn Park Denny’s. Caroline was said to have received a call from the owner that the note on the bill was nothing more than a joke. He further explained that the comment on the bill about the Life Alert button was directed at the 60-year-old waitress working on shift that day and coincidentally served Saba and her mom. He added that the old waitress was frail and could get hurt by working too much.

Caroline added that “Whether the note was meant to mock an ill and disabled person, or discriminating against an old working woman. He has a really sick and warped sense of humor, and such person should not be allowed to serve customers.”
The story sparked an outrage among internet users who condemned Quigley and the restaurant for the unpleasant action and the light reprimand handed out to the manager.

This is a story that shows the nastiness of people and how twisted some can get. He would have definitely lost his job in different circumstances.