“Selfie kid” goes viral after stealing the spotlight from Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance


The day of the Super Bowl is the most important day of the year for any NFL fan. But let’s face it, even those of us who aren’t into sports at all look forward to the Super Bowl. That’s because it’s almost become an unofficial holiday – people gather with their friends and family to watch this annual event. There’s usually great vibes all around as we eat, drink and enjoy the show (including their famously expensive commercials.) Often as many as a third of country’s entire population will watch the Super Bowl and it’s pretty much a national tradition at this point.

Now, the winners of yesterday’s Super Bowl LII were the Philadelphia Eagles, after beating the New England Patriots by 41 points to 33. And yes, they were the official winners of the Super Bowl, but really we know who the true victor was…

Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

Many of those who tuned in would say that the true winner of yesterday’s highly anticipated sports event was none other than Justin Timberlake. I mean, the halftime show really was out of this world. The spectacular performance saw him belting out his most unforgettable hits, plus he even did a duet (of sorts) with the late great ‘Purple Rain’ singer Prince. Yep, the organizers of the show projected footage of Prince onto a sheet and JT performed ‘I Would Die 4 U’ in sync with the video.

Eagles Patriots Super Bowl Football, Minneapolis, USA - 04 Feb 2018
It was a very special tribute considering the event took place at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Prince’s hometown.

Fittingly, the Minneapolis audience was illuminated purple and Timberlake called out these touching words to them: “Two fingers in the air for Prince tonight.”


Timberlake’s performance was everything from upbeat and inspiring to immensely moving and heartwarming. The guy’s a true winner. But even he wasn’t the undisputed champion of the evening… Yes, even Timberlake’s most adoring fans will have to contend with the fact that someone took more of the spotlight than the ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ singer. But who could have possibly done that?


Well, the shining star of the Super Bowl has been dubbed “Selfie Kid” and by complete chance, he spawned the biggest meme of the NFL’s season finale. Take a look at the incredible moment as it unfolded yesterday:

So what exactly happened? Well, during Timberlake’s hotly anticipated performance of ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ near the end of the halftime show performance, he immersed himself in the crowd. Everyone was clearly having a whale of a time, especially one seventh grader, who found himself right next to the star.

By total chance, the singer and occasional actor stopped where the kid (called Ryan McKenna) was standing. The kid was clearly in shock but managed to play it off quite well.


The lucky boy danced alongside Timberlake before awkwardly yet amusingly reaching for his phone to take a selfie. I mean, it’s what the rest of us would do right?

Luckily, JT totally embraced it and began excitedly pointing at the lens and willingly posed for the photo. And of course, that very selfie ended up being shared millions upon millions of times around the world and is now officially a meme.


The one above is without a doubt my personal favorite…

Just imagine that – being in a selfie with one of the biggest stars alive, in front of a worldwide audience and being immortalized in a meme. That kid doesn’t know how lucky he is. I mean, Super Bowl performances come and go but memes last forever.