Rude Driver Double Parks His Car At Best Buy, Then 2 Jeeps Teach Him A Lesson In Courtesy


The following clip took place at a Best Buy parking lot in Oregon. One hurried driver parked his Mercedes by taking up two spots, making it nearly impossible for other drivers to park beside him.

So, the guys from “The Rough Jeep” YouTube channel decided to teach the driver a simple yet effective lesson in common courtesy. They used their two Jeeps to block in the red Mercedes so when the driver returned, he wouldn’t be able to get back into his car! The parking vigilantes made sure to film the next several minutes for all to see.

Sure enough, the driver exited Best Buy and walked back to his car, only to realize what happened while he was gone. His reaction is pretty priceless when he reaches the end of his rope.

Finally, he has no choice but to pop open the trunk and crawl through.

Viewers everywhere are impressed with this clever technique. One YouTube commenter says, “I am so glad you guys taught this, obviously, inconsiderate guy a lesson. I wish I could do that to every inconsiderate person out there.”

This video went massively viral. It’s definitely fun to watch this guy get his karma, but some websites claim the video is actually staged.

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