Retired Nurse Will Do Anything To Change Her Look, So The Makeover Guy Chops Off All Her Hair


As we get older, we may become more aware of how we look, and whether or not we appear our age. We always want to look younger, but only so we can feel younger and more energetic!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Depending on your look, you can even consider embracing your gray roots, just like this fabulous woman!

But a retired registered nurse named Janet (who also happens to be a grandmother) knew she needed to change the way she looked. She simply wanted to feel like herself again and was willing to try anything to make that happen. She left the style decisions in the very capable hands of the Makeover Guy, who knew exactly what he wanted to do.

In the video below, the stylist starts with a single cut that takes off most of Janet’s hair. But just when you think that’s the only cut he wants to make, he takes off even more!

By the end of her session with the Makeover Guy, Janet looks like a totally different person. Her hair color is more luminous, and the stylist has added nice, crisp curls. Her face is illuminated with the right makeup, and she looks years — maybe even decades — younger!

Can you believe this is the same person?

Please Rasplove if you’re in awe of what a few small changes can do not only for one’s look, but for one’s self-esteem, too!