Rescuers Fear The Worst After Puppies Fall Into A Well With A King Cobra


They say that a leopard never changes its spots, but what about a king cobra? Naturally, you presume it to be a vicious creature, capable of consuming you in a matter of mere minutes, and you wouldn’t be wrong with that assumption. Or, at least you wouldn’t have been until now.

In a haunting video, captured in India, two tiny puppies can be seen quivering in the bottom of a deep well, flanked by a menacing king cobra. If you had to place odds on the winner of the situation, you’d put every penny you have on the cobra. But, hold on to your cash, because this fight is more unpredictable than you after a few alcoholic beverages on a Saturday night.

The puppies were found after their mother was heard frantically barking. Her owner became concerned and so followed her to the site, where he found her two podgy puppies sitting uncomfortably in the bottom of a well. But his alarm was intensified when he saw a king cobra tauntingly close by.


The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, which preys on other snakes and small reptiles. Despite its capabilities, it rarely involves itself in confrontation with humans. Which may partially be due to the fact that upon meeting the snake, humans can often be found running in the opposite direction.
Whilst you shouldn’t judge those that you don’t know, it was assumed by all that the cobra would claim the innocent puppies as his prey. They did fall into his lair, so truly if we are being fair, he is fully entitled to them.


Fearing the worst, the owner didn’t quite know how to respond. If he were to reach down to retrieve the doomed puppies, would he become the main course? Unable to leave the puppies to a horrific fate, he watched the creatures for a short while. This observation returned some surprising results…


As he watched, he thought he saw the snake become affectionate towards the puppies. Dumbfounded, he watched as the cobra guarded them from the wet side of the well, where they almost certainly would have drowned. Could it be true that the snake was protecting them?!

The puppies spent a total of 48 hours in the pit, before they were rescued by the authorities. The cobra slithered away from the scene as the rescuers did their work, seemingly confirming the suspicions that he was protecting the puppies. The puppies were plucked from the well totally unharmed, despite their big tumble and their two days of being babysat by a cobra. Meanwhile, the cobra was captured and released into the woods, where he slithered away.

The incredible story has left many online dubious. One user on Reddit rubbished the claims that the cobra was protecting the puppies, writing: “The Cobra is pulling a classic Hisoka Gon Freecs Killua plan. This cobra lives to fight, but fighting these two right now would be no challenge. The cobra sees great potential in these two and must wait for the fruit to ripen for a battle of epic magnitude.”


Meanwhile other users were united in their joy that the story had a happy ending. “Animals are the best,” one user wrote, whilst another said: “I now have a deeper appreciation and respect for them”.

It would appear that puppies are quite clumsy creatures, who often find themselves in trouble and at the liberty of other creatures. Just like these newborns, who were plucked from a dumpster by police…