PSAT question about genetically-modified tomatoes inspires internet’s newest memes


High school students across the USA recently took the PSATs. Despite it undoubtedly being a huge ordeal for America’s teenagers, it apparently left them with a lot of questions about tomatoes, contributing to an influx of excellent memes.

One of the questions almost certainly involved tomatoes and an electric toothbrush:

Him: wyd
Me: Oh, just using my electric toothbrush to fertilize tomato plants so I can have the best of both tomato worlds #psat #psat2017

— lalia (@lalia_0107) October 11, 2017

Seriously, there were so many tomato-based memes.

Like, what does this even mean?

This would be probably funny if we knew who Harry Klee was:

The tomato memes, as nonsensical as they are, were really dank:

Perhaps the funniest thing about the PSAT tomato meme influx is that every kid who took the test had to sigh a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that they wouldn’t share any information regarding the test. But what is the College Board going to do? Sue a bunch of hilarious teenagers?