Professor’s Phone Call Rule Backfires in the Most Spectacular Fashion


An economics professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan thought he had a fair policy regarding phone calls in class. If a student received a call during class, they would have to put it on speaker for the whole class to hear.

This policy was meant to deter students from leaving their phones on during the class period so that there would be no interruptions.


However, this plan backfired on him after this student received a phone call. The smiles and laughter quickly became an awkward silence much to the professor’s embarrassment.

Watch the video and see for yourself! Make sure you watch until the end!

As you can see, it was all part of an elaborate prank on the professor, Stephen Barrows. Taylor Nefcy and a group of friends thought up this prank a few days prior to the class.

Nefcy is a theater major and had a friend, Ian MacNeil, call her during class pretending to be from the Pregnancy Resource Center. MacNeil then informed her of the “news” that she was pregnant.


A mortified Barrows stood in front of the class holding papers in front of his face as he heard the news. “My mind just said, ‘Did I hear what I thought I heard? I can’t believe I did this to her,’” recalled Barrows. “They got me good.”


Nefcy had originally thought about having the caller announce to her about a family member’s illness or death, but realized that might be a little too dark.

The prank was executed so perfectly that the video went viral almost immediately. They even got a call from Good Morning America asking to appear on the show via Skype and the clip aired on The Today Show as well.

This is Barrows’ first year teaching at the school and says that this is something that will never fade from his memory. “I can’t forget anything that perfect,” he said.