Professor’s funny t-shirt ends up confusing a bunch of his students


Everybody has a story about that one witty teacher or professor who totally pulled one over on the class, and one economics professor just went viral with his own little inside joke.
The unnamed doctor wore a shirt joking, “There are two types of people in this world: 1.) those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.“ And, if you can’t guess the second type, then you might just be one of them.

Twitter user Kimberly Boswell posted a photo of the shirt and wrote that two of her classmates (who apparently can’t extrapolate from incomplete data) asked if the shirt was missing a second part. As a helpful bit of background, “extrapolate” is defined as “to infer from data already known.”

Of course, the internet had a field day poking fun at the students who didn’t get the joke; especially when Kimberly explained that this is a post-graduate economics class.

There were more than few Twitter users who pointed out that the future economists of the world don’t seem too promising.

Hopefully, they’re a lot better at crunching numbers than they are at drawing conclusions i.e. extrapolating.