Photos Of The Titanic Taken Shortly After The Discovery Of Its Location


For 73 years since the night it sank, the Titanic remained at the bottom of the ocean. Many researchers and explorers tried to find it, but only one succeeded: Dr. Robert Ballard, responsible for finding the exact location of the ship’s sinking.

As tragic as the story is, the story of how Ballard found the ship is absolutely fascinating. Check it out and see the images of this huge discovery!

Dr. Robert Ballard led the team that found the Titanic.


He proposed to use a live feed from 20,000 feet below the surface to find the shipwreck.

Funding for this project was obtained through the Navy.


The Navy was interested in finding two nuclear submarines that had disappeared. So the government agency decided to make a deal with Ballard. If he could find the submarines, he could use the remaining days to search for the Titanic.

Ballard only had 12 days to find the Titanic.


In order to be able to use a ship equipped with sonar locating equipment, the researcher has partnered with a French research institute.

But while searching for the submarines, Ballard discovered something that would help him in his quest.


He noticed the current carried small debris from the structures of the ships, leaving a kind of trail.

After a few days searching the ocean, the team found one of the ship’s boilers.


“We were embarrassed we were celebrating, and all of a sudden we realized that we should not be dancing on someone’s grave”, said Ballard.

When they were following the trail, they found the ship.



With only a few days left to finish the expedition, the team rushed to photograph as much as possible.

Today, while some people believe that the remains of the ship should be removed from the bottom of the sea, others think it should stay there.




Ballard believes the shipwreck is a graveyard, and so it must remain untouchable.

When you come across this image, how can you not remember the iconic scene from the movie Titanic?


It is not possible to know how this ship will be in a few years, but surely its history will remain in people’s memories much longer.