Photo Is Baffling Thousands. Can You Count Correctly How Many Legs Elephant Has?


Whether you follow all the optical illusions that are spreading across the internet or not, this one is well worth your time. While many of them are not as challenging as you might imagine, this one is certainly going to get you scratching your head. It is a simple drawing that will make you look twice, three times or four times. It is that confusing. The simple sketch was popular back in the 1980s and was recently posted to Reddit where it went viral overnight.
Just take a look at the image with one question in mind – how many legs does this elephant have? Does it have four like normal elephants? Or more like some kind of alien critter? Check it out below and tell me what you see in the comments below now!

Although the image has been debated at length in the discussion forums of Reddit and other websites, people cannot determine the number of legs on this mammal. It is confusing and uncertain.

Because the picture is sketched in black and white, men and women have numerous answers for it. While common sense tells us that there should be one leg, other people insist that the elephant has more than that – namely five legs.

But the true answer might make you angry. Take a closer look at the picture, because this elephant has only one leg.
People have shared their reasons why. But it seems clear if you look at it. Many of the legs are only half drawn. They are made to look complete but they’re not. The upper part of the limb starts the sketch but it doesn’t finish. Instead the feet are drawn in the “negative” space, which makes it very confusing for people.

Nevertheless, explanations have come in droves. Here was one:

“The reason you’ve having trouble with this image is due to the fact that the artist responsible for this image was very clever. The only correct elephant leg in the drawing is the back left leg. That leg is completely intact, but the others aren’t. If you look very closely, you’ll see that the rest of the legs have the foot missing from them. Basically, the artist chopped the feet off of the legs and put the images of the feet between the actual legs. Look closely at the image and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.”
Although this is a very convincing answer, many people refuse to believe that an elephant can have fewer than four legs. They don’t care if the legs don’t have feet.

Readers on MailOnline shared their reaction to the elephant drawing:

“This picture was doing the rounds when I was at school, about 100 years before the Internet was even a twinkle in old Tim Berners-Lee’s eye!”

“I can see 4 legs but the way the gaps between them have been drawn it is to deceive the viewer that there are 5.”

How many legs do you see on this elephant?