People See The Obamas Eating Hamburgers At The Restaurant. What They Do Is Beyond Words!


All media misses the old occupants of the White House, not only because Barack Obama was one of the most charismatic presidents in recent US history, but because he enjoyed an exceptionally good relationship with the press. It’s true, to everyone’s collective imagination, the Obamas were a dream couple who for 8 years.


However, what happens when a world leader retires? Although the majority of ex presidents become some kind of consultant guru, Obama has gone down a different path. Soon after his term in office finished, he went on vacation with his family to the Caribbean and now, as he is back in his home country, he’s trying to recover his social life.


Well, this was the farewell they gave the Obama couple in a restaurant where they had dinner a few days ago. This is the best proof that the North American politician still enjoys enormous popularity among the American people and that he will eventually become the fiercest opposition to the Trump administration.


Would you applaud your country’s former president if you saw him leaving a restaurant? You have to see the video for yourself: