People Have Been Trying To Solve This Mind-Blowing Riddle For Days. Do You Think You Can Do Better?


When Lacy Fernandez shared a photo of an outside sign with a puzzling sentence, she did not expect it would give a headache to thousands of people as well. The post was shared many times on Facebook, people were complaining or bragging in the comment section, and the girl received numerous messages from strangers who got desperate and just wanted to know the answer already.

Read this tricky riddle and see if you can solve it.

If you get, congratulations! Just scroll down a little bit to make sure you got it right.

If the answer is still not clear to you, here is a first hint — the answer is in the riddle, these are not some random words you have to look for in the dictionary. Read it again and try to analyze it.

Still not getting it? Ok, here is another hint. You have probably been trying to answer this confusing question, but look closer, was there ever any question at all?

Yes, exactly! It is a statement, but because it starts with a question word, your mind jumped to the conclusion it was a question. You probably see it now, don’t you?

As you can see, this was never a riddle, just an honest though useless statement. Well, not that useless after all, it is a pretty good brain teaser. Rasplove it with your friends and see their reaction.