People Drained An Old Lake Next To An Ancient Fortress And Found Many Valuable Things


In 2006, the city authorities of Kaliningrad, Russia, decided that The Upper Lake in their city needs to be cleaned. They wanted to restore it by removing the muck and rubbish and setting powerful aeration systems.

The water body is located right in the city center, next to the ancient fortress which has gone through many wars and battles. Now, the historical building is used as The Museum of Amber, but no one has ever thought the lake near it has any historical value.


On the very first day, the workers started on cleaning the lake‘s bottom, and several marvelous discoveries were made! The MP 40 submachine guns, Mausers M 98, a Mosin–Nagant, different grenades, and unique orders. The police arrived on the spot to guard the valuable and dangerous things.

Watch the video to see the amazing things from the bottom of The Upper Lake. You will be shocked and stunned!

It turns out there are a few surprises to be expected when it comes to draining a lake. The Canal Saint-Martin, located in Paris, was drained recently. This location has a pretty rich history. Its construction was reportedly ordered by Napoleon himself in 1802. Its purpose was to provide fresh water to the city and also serve an avenue for bringing in income.

However, despite the fact that it was being constructed to cater to the growing population at the time, it turned out that it was not enough. Eventually, the canal became a garbage dump and was filled and clogged with debris and other items.

City officials recently worked on draining the canal, which had not been unclogged in 2001. They reportedly removed over 40 tons of debris and found all kinds of garbage, like wine bottles, bikes, and other everyday objects. Take a look below:

Pretty interesting, right? It just goes to show, you never know what you might find when you go digging. However, it’s pretty sad that things had to get to such a state for these areas were cleared. Hopefully, people in the vicinity treat these lakes and canals better in future.