People Are Ready To Toss Their Swan Floats Aside After Discovering These «Swan-Things»


«My summer aesthetic.»

Ever since the Great Taylor Swift 4th of July Party of 2015, swan floats have become one of the most ubiquitous summer trends.


You are probably well aware of this if you’ve been on Instagram during the summer in the last two years.


Well, consider swan floats OVER because they’ve officially met their match:


The «ridiculous inflatable swan-thing» went viral after Ollie, a Twitter user in New Zealand, shared photos of it in all its glory.

People could not handle how beautiful it is.

The man behind the swan is none other than British artist David Shrigley. When BuzzFeed News inquired about his inspiration for the swan, Shrigley kept it brief.
«It’s a swan man or a man swan,» he said. «Oh yes, and it should not be used as a life preserver.»
People really, really want one.

And many are relating hard to the swan-thing.

I mean…


Very same.


If you want a ridiculous inflatable swan-thing of your own, you can buy one here.