Parents Wake Up Early To Celebrate Their First Christmas With Baby, But They Never Expected This To Happen


Even though holidays are meant to be a happy time spent with your family, this period can be a bit stressful when there’s a baby around.

This couple realized they should put together their Christmas hardship, precious family moments and hilarious experiences in one lovely video! The mischief they caught on camera was cute and adorably funny – it made almost six million people laugh.

Christmas is the time of magical decorations, twinkling lights, red ornaments and shiny garlands. But, if there’s a baby in the house, all of this merriment and bliss can easily lose its allure.

This video shows how a baby reacts to Christmas cheer around the house and the things parents have to do in order to keep their baby away from holiday perils.

Throwing away possibly harmful poinsettias was the easy part, but dragging the baby away from the Christmas tree and rearranging ornaments was somewhat challenging.

But their adventures certainly didn’t end there. Apparently, babies don’t enjoy some Christmas traditions, such as taking a family photo. She cried through the entire photo session! Also, there are some shots of the mess she’s able to make with fir needles, glitter and flour. It’s almost creative!

Of course, the baby was curious to see what Santa brought, so the next step was sneaking downstairs on Christmas morning. But, what fun would sneaking be without making some mess?

She rummaged through all the presents, but the most interesting thing seemed to be a box she can fit in. In fact, the rest of the presents can wait!

Although this adorable baby girl may wreak havoc around the house during the holiday season, she is the most beautiful part of the holidays.

These parents are lucky to have her as their daughter, and they decided to share that feeling with the rest of the world in the most creative way. Have fun watching the video below!