Parents Left A Newborn Baby For A Minute. When They Came Back, They Realised They Were Replaced By A Fluffy Squad!


Parents usually worry about how their pets will react to a newborn baby. Animals, indeed, can start acting defensive. But often the 4-legged pals simply fall in love with the new family members.

It is what happened to a 6-week-old Elsarose. The family’s 8-month-old labrador, Nelda, and Pebbles, the kitten, accepted the little one from the day one. Otherwise, the three of them wouldn’t be in this video.

Elsarose’s parents were absent for only a few minutes, and here’s what they saw when came back to the room. The pet squad replaced parents in no time! The dog lay next to the girl and the cat sat on top of Nelda as if he decided to control the situation in the room.

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