Panda Cub Is Standing Behind A Photographer And Tries To Attract His Attention


Zoo photographer is, of course, a very important and responsible profession. But sometimes it’s so funny and emotionally-rewarding that I bet everyone would love to work there!

Every time there’s something new, and when the animals love you, the job gets even more interesting. That’s what happened in this video.

While the photographer was trying to concentrate and capture his best shot, a cute little panda cub approached him from behind! Then, the animal just wraps its paws around his leg and gives a hint she wants to have fun!

Though, the photographer obviously has to do his job and just can’t give the animal his full attention. Watch the video and see for yourself how persistent these little cuties can be when they want to have fun!

We all need a Panda in our life.

Posted by Red FM on Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016