Overweight Mom Loses 120 Pounds Without Exercising By Ditching One Common Habit We All Share


Eating healthy is a hard thing to do, especially with today’s pace of life. If you’re running around trying to make a living and take care of the kids, sometimes, making home-made freshly cooked food is just out of the loop.

However, there are times when something happens that gets you thinking about changes. That’s exactly what happened to Brittany Williams, a Californian mom of three.

When she realized that she couldn’t even bend down to play with her kids, she knew things had to change. After seriously considering weight loss surgery, she decided to give it one last try on her own.

Her big plan was to start making all meals at home, prepare them by herself and to aid her in that decision, she used the Instant Pot, a hot-spot present of the year which is a combination of an instant cooker and pressure cooker.

The family got rid of all the processed food, stopped eating out and excluded most grain, sugar and dairy.

Using the Instant pot that she got several years ago for Christmas, Brittany started cooking all the juicy meals at home:

I probably use it for five or six dinners a week but I’ll also use it daily for hard boiled eggs or to make a frittata for breakfast,” she said. “[The Instant Pot] made everything so quick and convenient. I’m one of those moms who would say, ‘Oh it’s 4:30, what am I going to make for dinner?’ So it fit into my life really easily.

The plan worked all right! Brittany lost 41 pounds in just three months without exercising. Within 8 months, she dropped from 260 to 139 pounds. Amazing!

To help out others, Brittany started documenting everything on Instagram and started sharing recipes on her blog.

Brittany said for ABC News:

I didn’t think it was possible to lose all the weight by myself. January was like my last-ditch effort.

With the new lifestyle came another benefit: the family started spending a lot less on their groceries. With $250 every two weeks, this family of 5 eats perfectly.

Here’s what Brittany suggests for all those who are planning a new diet:

Go at your own pace. If it’s totally overwhelming for you to think about cleaning out your pantry, just go one meal at a time. Just give it a try.

Given that we have just started a new year, if you are planning on changing your diet, now might be the right way to start with it. Share this story if you liked it and enjoy the adventures to come!