Only 5% of English Speakers Get This Quiz Right


Despite speaking English their whole lives, most people aren’t good enough at it to solve this quiz correctly.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, coming just ahead of Chinese. It is the main in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other nations as well. In other countries, English is not the official language, but many schools teach English, which adds to how many people in the world speak English. It is estimated that around 1500 million people speak English in the world today. People born in these places are taught English from the start, and many people grow up knowing only English and no other language. Grammar is an essential part of the English language, but it is the area where most people are weak at. In fact, it is estimated that the following quiz has only been solved correctly by 5% of all native English speakers.


The following questions are all multiple choice. Many have only two choices to make it easier for you. With the answers being at the end you can tally your choices with the correct ones, and see if you ranked in the top 5% of the English-speaking world, regarding English grammar or not.
We recommend that you write down all your choices after you attempt each question so you can easily compare your answers with the correct ones.


















Now that you have attempted all seventeen of these questions, check if you got them all correct with the help of the answer key below. It will guide you as to what answers you got right and what answers you got wrong. Fret not, if you got some of the answers wrong, this will serve as a learning experience for you =, which will make you better at the English language as a whole.




Now that you have compared your results, what did you get?

If you got less than half of them correct, then we won’t beat around the bush, you should study grammar now and then. Correcting your grammar will help you in school, in college, and in professional life as an essay with incorrect grammar will just not be regarded anything of worth, even if your essay is unique in its subject matter.

If you got most of them correctly, you shouldn’t worry. You are part of the majority. We believe grammar is one of the more important aspects of English, and that you should know it well. Try and learn the reasons as to why you got some questions wrong, and work on correcting yourself you don’t make similar mistakes in the future.

If you got them all correct, then you can be proud of yourself as you lie in the top 5% English speaking people in the world. Your grammar will likely give you a helping hand in your life. Therefore, we recommend you continue to keep your command over it, so your already good impressions stay as they are and so that your work is better, more professional, and more polished. Congratulations once again. You are the MVP!