One Twin Brother Noticed That The Other One Lost A Sock, And Reacted Immediately


It is widely known that twins have a special bond between them. They can even create their own language that nobody would be able to understand. Even when twins are so small that can’t talk, they can still communicate with each other.

This video shows a dialogue between two twin brothers. One of them noticed that another baby had lost his sock, and reacted right away. He tried to convince his brother that he did something really “terrible.” The baby boy even lifted up his leg to demonstrate how big the disaster was.

It is so funny to observe these two little angels. They act like adults, when in reality, they are just toddlers, who live in their own magical world. But the most important is they understand and take care of each other.

It is great when you have a sibling nearby, who is always ready to help and show your mistakes.

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