One Extremely Rude Woman Wanted To Humiliate A Waitress In The High-Class Restaurant But No One Expected This To Happen!


Is the customer is always right? Does the fact that you pay a visit to the restaurant of a hairdressing salon give you the right to humiliate the people who work there? I guess not!

This is a story is about one girl who works as a waitress in the high-class restaurant!

“I was lucky: I found a job in one of the high-class restaurants! Even though, my left ear does not hear completely, and the right one does not hear at all, I was given a chance to work there. I wear a hearing aid, so can hear almost clearly!” said the girl.


“One day our restaurant visited a married couple:

Me: Glad to greet you at our restaurant! Are you ready to order?

Wife: Call the administrator! Now!
Me: One second. Maybe I can help you?
Wife: No!
I had to go and ask the administrator to join us.
Administrator: Good evening! Can I help you?
Wife: Why do your employees wear headphones? Do they listen to music? We pay you a lot of money and, believe me, deserve the first-class service! It’s no good.
I literally felt my back as everyone in the restaurant froze.
Administrator: Our waiters know they cannot wear headphones. But if you notice someone who violated this rule, tell me. I guarantee that this person will be fired!

Wife: Please! Here she is.
The woman pointed to me.
Administrator: I’m so sorry. Her behavior is inappropriate.
Wife: I agree!
Administrator: I’m talking about you! Your behavior is inappropriate! The waiter wears a hearing aid. Will you please leave our restaurant and never come back!
The woman’s husband didn’t support her either! The angry lady had to leave the restaurant!

I’d like to express my gratitude to all people who defended me! Thank you!”