Mother Shares Photos Of Her 2 Sets Of Twins — They’re So Adorable, It’s Hard To Keep Our Cool


Juliet Cannici and her wife, Nikki are simply lucky to be blessed with not one, but two set of adorable twins.

Interestingly enough, the newborn photo shoot they had planned to celebrate their newest arrival did not go as expected. But this only served to make everything even more mindblowing.

The couple already had a set of boy/girl twins who were 3-years-old. Their names are Nico and Siena.


They recently had two twin girls to add to their brood. Gia and Gemma were born on January 26.

When asked how the toddlers were taking the new addition. Juliet said, “they are incredibly gentle with them, and love holding and feeding them. It is so amazing to see.”

The couple then decided to organise a newborn photo shoot. They wanted the toddlers to be a part of the shoot but evidently, they were too bored to care.


Juliet disclosed that she felt disappointed as she really looked forward to capturing the sibling love between her kids.


She decided to take a break. She let the older twins enjoy some play time before bringing them back.


This time around, she got exactly what she hoped for. Nico and Siena snuggled with their baby sisters and even smiled happily for a few shots.


She said, “Several times a day Nico and Siena each say ‘I just love my baby sisters. I will keep them safe forever. We are taken aback by how seamless a transition it has been for all of us.”


These heartwarming shots have shown us just that and it is so beautiful to watch this amazing and loving family.