Mother Poses For A Photo With Her Kid, Not Knowing There’s Something Shocking Right Behind Their Back!


Bethany Bronson and her four children were having the time of their life with a family friend. The man asked her if she could say a couple of words to her husband, Captain Hyrum Bronson, who was deployed in Afghanistan at the time.

He also recorded the message of Bethany’s daughter and said he’d send the video to cheer up their dad! Little did the family knew what it was all about!

Behind their backs, a scuba diver came up to the surface. He was wearing a military uniform! When Bethany turned around, she couldn’t believe her eyes and began crying!
Meanwhile, her daughters ran up to the man, screaming: “Daddy!” The captain decided to make a surprise return as a gift to his family. They didn’t expect him to come home so early! Everyone was really happy. Their reunion went viral, touching hearts of millions of viewers!