Mother Nature Got Really Creative Working On These 11 Rare Albino Animals


If you think you’ve seen it all and the animal kingdom has no surprises for you, these pictures will be real eye openers. Behold the stunning diversity of nature!

Though some of the below animals look as if they’ve been taken from a mythical storybook or from the pages of a popular sci-fi novel, they are real. Neither were they transported from another planet or a parallel world. These creatures were born on Earth, but their unusual condition called albinism makes them the rarest representatives of their breed. From alligators to raccoons, take a look at these 11 amazing pics to celebrate the world’s diversity.
1. Albino Alligator

This pal with milky and cloudy eyes is one of 12 known albino alligators around the globe.


2. Albino Humpback Whale

Meet Migaloo, the only known humpback whale from Australia, who was first discovered in 1991.


3. Albino Wallaby

Unlike his gray/brown mates, resident of the United Kingdom’s Linton Zoo Joey the Wallaby is 100% white.


4. Albino Lion

As a matter of fact, this cutie isn’t an albino. This king of jungle belongs to a group of less than 300 white lions living in the Greater Timbavati region in South Africa.


5. Piebald Peacock

A genetic disorder made this fella stand out of any crowd.


6. Albino Baby Turtle

Adorable Albino Sliders, like this baby, are considered endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


7. Albino Raccoon

This snowball was born without the pigments needed to get the special raccoon appearance.


8. Albino Reindeer

Bet, you don’t see such all-white reindeer at every zoo.


9. Albino Raven

Pearl the Raven is one of four known albino ravens in the entire world.


10. Albino Gorilla

Snowflake (yes, that’s his name) was brought to the Barcelona Zoo in the 1960s where he was its main attraction till 2003.


11. Albino Eastern Screech Owl

This little resident of eastern North America is extremely rare, and at the moment he lives in a closed environment with other rescued owls.