Mother Gets Alert From Peer To Go Online, Then See’s Photo Of Son Plastered On Social Media


Usually, bloggers spend there most of the time on the Internet; scrolling down the Facebook news feed or articulating new ideas for their upcoming blogs. Being a blogger, Stacey Philpot also spends most of her time on the Internet which becomes too hectic sometimes. So to have some quality free time and explore the outer world of wonders, she decided to take an instant break from the social portals.

Surprisingly, Stacey couldn’t make it long to stay away from the unstoppable notifications of the social media. As soon she got an urgent text from one of her friend detailing the post she had just read over Facebook- took her interest in social media again instantly.

The stressed-out Mom, filled with doubts, switched back to her accounts straightforwardly as she was keen to know the real mystery behind the shared post. She soon analysed that the post is all about a current incident that gone viral over the Internet. The post claims, a passenger caught one kid red-handed doing some offensive action that his classmates refused to be part of. Initially, she was unaware of the fact that the kid is none other than her own son.

It was quite easy to accept that she is doing well as a blogger-cum-mom for her before knowing the scenario. But as she realized the truth- the whole context of being a good mother has changed to her. She was a bit guilty of accepting that the whole world is acknowledged with her son’s actions prior to her. The incident made her feel that being a working parent somehow offers you less time to take care of your kid’s activities.

Stacey trying hard to picture the whole incident and didn’t actually know how to react to the current situation. Till now, she knew very well that the whole community gossiping about her son. But, as a well-established blogger, Stacey digs praises across the world for her courageous act. Stacey wrote the whole incident after considering the good in it and she penned down about her son Hayden:

“… captured the attention of our community by standing alone, by doing everything we’d ever taught him, everything we’d ever hoped he would do. I was completely undone.”

She praised her son (Hayden) to stand up for what his heart conveyed at that instance of time without bothering that he is all alone! Stacey opted to show the heartiest vainglory for her son with the help of what she is best on. She said that her son stood alone before the Lake Minneola High School’s flagpole throughout the annual See You At The Pole day.


“My son says at first, he thought he would simply pray until someone else came along. Eventually, he realized no one else was coming. Then, the cry of his heart changed. He asked that God would do something with his standing alone.”

Stacey exclaimed, might Hayden was standing alone at that time but he was about to gain the grace of almighty. All the prayers that he was reminding silently got the truest support from god later the entire social media was admiring him.

Stacey instead wasting more time, texted Hayden while being in class to praise him for the impact he brought singlehandedly:

“You should know that people in our community are going crazy about a young man who stood at a flag pole alone and prayed this morning. They are talking about what an amazing young man he must be and how proud his parent’s should be. And I want you to know that your parents are so proud of you. You are an amazing young man. I love you so much.”

Stacey soon realized how insane she was when took an oath not to access the Internet until Hayden came back to home with tears in his eyes. Later they both read hundreds of positive comments flooded on the recent post about the incident. Though, more important than those comments is the humble lesson that Hayden taught her that day:


“So to you, wherever it is in your life you stand alone, be it a flag pole or a marriage, a place of work or a seemingly impossible situation, I believe my son would like to remind you God can do big things with your standing alone. Perhaps, for now, you are praying until someone else shows up or takes notice. God sees, he knows, and he can do big things.”

At last, Stacey concluded that Social media is not such bad to be on. It’s just sometimes we need to see the good, we need to be in right place and we need to trust whatever is happening is for good.